Solo female business woman at a standing desk.

I was recently interviewed by about common leadership pitfalls resulting in shorter tenures for CEOs. The complexity of the operating environment and the multiplicity of challenges facing today’s executives mean their is less and less room for error. Some of my comments:

Before you reorganize the place or launch a flashy new initiative, you want to know what’s working, who your allies are going to be, and who your adversaries or resistors are likely to be,” McNulty explains. He worked with one turnaround CEO who quickly developed an understanding of what caused the need for a turnaround, and identified the hidden talent that was ready to support change. “It enabled her to both show urgency and build a foundation for the long, hard work of resetting the company,” he recalls.

Being intentional and disciplined is essential in any role–especially at the top. Stakeholders are watching your every move. When you start with relationships rather than tasks, you build allies and mitigate adversaries.

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