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Called a “true master of his craft,” Eric speaks, writes, and teaches about what it takes to lead when it matters most. He delivers practical insights into leading through purpose and values to energize high performance, even in the most turbulent times.

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Eric has delivered engaging, high-impact leadership talks and workshops on six continents, in-person and virtually. Book him for your next event.


Eric is co-author of two books and author of more than 200 bylined articles in top journals such as Harvard Business Review and strategy+business.


Eric works to catalyze positive social change through his work with conservation, environmental, and humanitarian organizations.

You’re It

Crisis, Change, and How to Lead When It Matters Most

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Leading for Wellness

In a time of rapid change and disruption, a leader’s pursuit of transactional efficiency is the fastest path to irrelevance because it crowds out necessary transformational thinking. A wellness app or program, no matter how well designed, simply adds to the transactional load unless it’s accompanied by a deeper shift in our mental model of work and life.

Insights on “Leading Up”

One of the more challenging tasks for anyone in an organization is leading "up" to your boss. You have no authority over that person. In fact, they have all of the authority over you. Navigating this power imbalance requires cultivating influence and building a trust-based relationship. When it works, each person can make the greatest contribution to shared goals. This ...

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