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Seize Tomorrow by Leading Together Today

Unlock the power of connection and commitment in your organization


Thought Leader

Author of multiple powerful, practical books on leading and 200+ articles in leading publications

Educator & Speaker

Teaching at Harvard and speaking in executive education programs and events around the world

Harvard Scholar

Associate Director, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University

Eric Sees the Power and Potential of Us

Making Sure You are Ready to Lead When it Matters Most

In keynotes and workshops, Eric shares proven, pragmatic tools and techniques for leading people into an uncertain future with hope and confidence.

Unleashing the Power of Us: Building Communities of Leading

Humans are made to work together—we are a social species. Yet organizations blunt the benefits of these natural collaborative instincts by overemphasizing individual competition. In this keynote, Eric leads the audience through how to reset their default thinking to better understand when to compete and when to cooperate to achieve optimal outcomes. Learn more.

Leading Through Crisis and Change

There are no greater challenges facing leaders than those of navigating turbulence and adversity. Drawing on 20 years of research and decades of practical experience, Eric helps the audience gain the courage and confidence to lead when it matters most. This keynote is an inspiring journey through practical steps to be at one’s best when circumstances are at their worst. Learn more.

The Deeply Human, Highly Social Future of Work

Leaders and their organizations struggle to adapt to new technologies and new models of work. In this eye-opening keynote, Eric charts a hopeful course toward a future where people are at their best and contributing to the greatest extent of their abilities. He describes the choices leaders face—and how they can use them to build communities and organizations ready for the future. Learn more.

Getting Smarter Than Your Brain

In a highly accessible and engaging keynote, Eric takes the audience through how the structure and function of their brains affects their behaviors, decisions, and actions. With this knowledge, individuals can make more intentional choices that make the best use of their cognitive abilities while avoiding common missteps. Learn more.

“Eric is an accomplished speaker and possesses the ability to keep large groups intrigued and engaged while presenting complex materials—no small feat! He utilizes his gift of storytelling, so the information seems experiential rather than didactic.”

Sydney Hoffman, Deputy Division Director Interagency Coordination, FEMA Recovery at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“His ability to synthesize research with real world experience and present concepts in a holistic manner is unrivaled. He engages the audience in a way that galvanizes concepts so that they are easily recognized and implemented during times of crisis. Eric is an exceptional speaker, teacher and facilitator”

G.S., Vice President, International Association of Emergency Managers

“His insightful and practical approach was filled with actionable steps participants could absorb and implement immediately. The slides remain a go-to resource for continued reference moving forward. We’ve received numerous follow up messages thanking us for the presentation and asking when we can bring him back!”

Kris Valerio Shock, President and CEO, Leadership Anne Arundel

“Eric is a rare talent: equal parts visionary, storyteller, thought leader, and teacher…. But what truly sets Eric apart is his ability to communicate as a speaker. If your organization is searching for an authority on the topic of leadership, then you must bring Eric in to speak.”

M.D., Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors

A Distinct Perspective and a Compelling Voice

Hear powerful, real-world stories of leading you won’t find anywhere else

As Associate Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, Eric was on the ground with leaders during big moments from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Super Storm Sandy, to Covid-19 and today’s breaking headlines. He brings together a fascinating combination of deep academic study with captivating real-world anecdotes that will resonate with listeners.

Choose a workshop for deeper learning

As an educator with extensive experience with adult learners, Eric knows how to turn his keynotes into pragmatic, dynamic workshops in two-hour, half-day, and full-day formats. Each one is designed to ensure that the learning endures, and that participants leave with both an action plan and the commitment to carry it out.

Become a change maker

Eric is passionate about helping solve complex environmental and social challenges. He integrates theory and practice to reveal unseen connections between people, events, and larger phenomena to stimulate imaginative yet pragmatic strategies. The audience always leaves refreshed and with the motivation to make change now.

News and Views

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Banishing Bad Leaders

An environment that promotes good leadership will have zero tolerance for toxic behavior. Such an environment will use honest mistakes as learning experiences. It will be one that develops everyone’s ability to think and act like leaders. The list could go on. The examples in each of these books show that there are performance benefits beyond the intangible rewards of simply being decent.

  • Solo female exec at standing desk

Shorter CEO Tenures: How to Avoid the Pitfalls

I was recently interviewed by Chief.com about common leadership pitfalls resulting in shorter tenures for CEOs. The complexity of the operating environment and the multiplicity of challenges facing today's executives mean their is less and less room for error. Some of my comments: Before you reorganize the place or launch a flashy new initiative, you want to know what's ...

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Balancing Convergence and Divergence

Organizations are in a constant state of change, sometimes minor and sometimes major. This is why it is important to understand the benefits of both convergence and divergence.

“…an exceptional speaker…”

IAEM Canada

“…informative and timely…”

Women in Tax

“…insightful and practical…”

Leadership Anne Arundel