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The curtain rises. Now is your time. Everyone is looking to you.

Let’s make sure you’re ready to lead when it matters most.

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published articles in prominent publications such as Harvard Business Review and Strategy + Business

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National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard

Are you ready to lead? More than 80% of people experience “imposter syndrome”—let’s work on the skills to overcome it

We are all hungry to gain more confidence as leaders. After working with Eric, you or your audience will have the right tools to take a breath, break down the complexities of any situation, and respond with resolute decisions and actions.

The time to lead needs community and shared thinking

As a leader, your decisions reverberate widely, affecting your team, company, and community.
They may reverberate halfway around the world in an instant.

Learn how to use your influence to make a positive change for the world now, and work collectively to solve the problems that will affect us for generations to come.

Strong leaders inspire connection

Effective leaders can’t stay padlocked behind a “KEEP OUT” sign. Leadership lives in the relationship between leaders and followers. You’ll learn how to ground yourself in purpose, so that you can lead comfortably from any role or rank. It’s time to unlock the tools to engage everyone on your team in making positive change.

You’ll emerge as a more confident leader—even during the most turbulent times

Admit it. When it’s time to step up, you can feel uneasy. You can feel anxious and downright panicked. A formal title doesn’t make you a leader. Your power as a leader comes from your purpose, values, and competence no matter where your career takes you.

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How is Eric different?

You’ll hear real, raw leadership stories you won’t find anywhere else

As Associate Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, Eric was on the ground with leaders during big moments from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Super Storm Sandy, to Covid-19 and today’s breaking headlines. He brings together a fascinating combination of deep academic study with captivating real-world anecdotes that will resonate with listeners.

You’ll expand your reach beyond traditional leadership

The answers to your most complex leadership questions aren’t found in a single discipline.
Serious leaders are broadening their perspective to find answers in anthropology, neuroscience, behavior economics, urbanism, and more. You will learn how to find the insights into today’s most challenging problems by exploring where not everyone is looking.

You’ll become a change maker

Looking for a recital of head-scratching concepts? Find a different speaker. Eric integrates both theory and practice to reveal unseen connections between people, events, and larger phenomena to stimulate imaginative yet pragmatic strategies. The audience always leaves refreshed creatively and with the motivation to make change now.

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“Eric is an accomplished speaker and possesses the ability to keep large groups intrigued and engaged while presenting complex materials—no small feat! He utilizes his gift of storytelling, so the information seems experiential rather than didactic.”

Sydney Hoffman, Deputy Division Director Interagency Coordination, FEMA Recovery at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“His ability to synthesize research with real world experience and present concepts in a holistic manner is unrivaled. He engages the audience in a way that galvanizes concepts so that they are easily recognized and implemented during times of crisis. Eric is an exceptional speaker, teacher and facilitator”

G.S., Vice President, International Association of Emergency Managers

“His insightful and practical approach was filled with actionable steps participants could absorb and implement immediately. The slides remain a go-to resource for continued reference moving forward. We’ve received numerous follow up messages thanking us for the presentation and asking when we can bring him back!”

Kris Valerio Shock, President and CEO, Leadership Anne Arundel

“Eric is a rare talent: equal parts visionary, storyteller, thought leader, and teacher…. But what truly sets Eric apart is his ability to communicate as a speaker. If your organization is searching for an authority on the topic of leadership, then you must bring Eric in to speak.”

M.D., Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors
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News and Views

  • Eric McNulty speaking at the European Emergency Number Association conference

On the (Speaking) Road Again

My themes of leadership, resilience, and navigating a turbulent future have never been more relevant. One of the great pleasures of my speaking opportunities is that I get to meet people around the world whose work is to help organizations and communities stronger and better prepared for disruption. If what I share helps them become more effective, we all benefit.

Mindfulness in Crisis Leadership

Science-based mindfulness can help crisis leaders bring calm to chaos. A conversation between Eric McNulty and Karina de Allicon.

  • Work group using a white board to explore ideas

Why Trust is Better than Micromanagement

Management is not about counting butts in seats. It is about creating the conditions where people can contribute to the fullest extent of their abilities. It requires understanding the human factors in organizations.

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