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A critical moment. Now is your time. Everyone looks to you.

Let’s make sure you’re ready to lead when it matters most.


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National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard

We live in turbulent times. Are you ready to lead?

We are all hungry to gain more confidence as leaders. Eric shares proven, pragmatic tools and techniques for navigating crisis and change.

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Leading now starts with how to think… and then what to do.

Curiosity. Humility. Integrity. Leading isn’t about position. It is about who you are and what you do.

Learn how to build influence and create positive change for the world now, and work collectively to solve the problems that will affect us for generations to come.

Effective leaders inspire connection and purpose

Leadership lives in the relationship between leaders and followers, not in any super-human individual. You’ll learn how to ground yourself in values and mission to lead with confidence from any role or rank. It’s time to unlock the tools to engage everyone on your team in making positive change.

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The challenges are daunting. The opportunities vast. Get ready to lead.

Eric turns insights from neuroscience, social psychology, biology, and field experience into pragmatic approaches to unite stakeholders and deliver results.

How is Eric different?

Hear powerful, real-world stories of leading you won’t find anywhere else

As Associate Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard University, Eric was on the ground with leaders during big moments from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Super Storm Sandy, to Covid-19 and today’s breaking headlines. He brings together a fascinating combination of deep academic study with captivating real-world anecdotes that will resonate with listeners.

Eric reaches beyond leadership “happy talk.”

The answers to your most complex leadership questions aren’t found in the usual bromides or lists of attributes. Leading well requires knowing yourself, understanding others, and asking the questions that don’t have easy answers. It is hard work and requires a commitment to mastery. Eric illuminates the path.

Become a change maker

Eric is passionate about helping solve complex environmental and social challenges. He integrates theory and practice to reveal unseen connections between people, events, and larger phenomena to stimulate imaginative yet pragmatic strategies. The audience always leaves refreshed and with the motivation to make change now.

“Eric is an accomplished speaker and possesses the ability to keep large groups intrigued and engaged while presenting complex materials—no small feat! He utilizes his gift of storytelling, so the information seems experiential rather than didactic.”

Sydney Hoffman, Deputy Division Director Interagency Coordination, FEMA Recovery at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“His ability to synthesize research with real world experience and present concepts in a holistic manner is unrivaled. He engages the audience in a way that galvanizes concepts so that they are easily recognized and implemented during times of crisis. Eric is an exceptional speaker, teacher and facilitator”

G.S., Vice President, International Association of Emergency Managers

“His insightful and practical approach was filled with actionable steps participants could absorb and implement immediately. The slides remain a go-to resource for continued reference moving forward. We’ve received numerous follow up messages thanking us for the presentation and asking when we can bring him back!”

Kris Valerio Shock, President and CEO, Leadership Anne Arundel

“Eric is a rare talent: equal parts visionary, storyteller, thought leader, and teacher…. But what truly sets Eric apart is his ability to communicate as a speaker. If your organization is searching for an authority on the topic of leadership, then you must bring Eric in to speak.”

M.D., Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors

News and Views

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Three Essential (and Overlooked) Skills for Crisis Leaders

BOOM! It’s the moment when everything goes sideways. The crash. The shot. The lawsuit. The technical meltdown. In that instant, time blurs. Pressure spikes. Vision narrows. The crisis is real. Based on my years of researching and working with crisis leaders, here are three underappreciated things that the best get right and the worst, well, you get it. First, ...

The Courage for Bottom-up Change

For as long as I can remember, organizational change has been cast as something that cascades from the visionary CEO to the reluctant frontline. Many of the big changes we've seen in recent years, however, have surged up from below. From #metoo to the "great reassessment" to the demands for DEI, the energy fueling change has come from workers ...

Time for Leaders to STFU

If you want people to follow you, this three step recipe will get you started: show up, step up, and shut up. Your presence is essential. So is your courage in difficult situations. Finally, listening is an underrated leader superpower. Read more on Medium.

“…an exceptional speaker…”

IAEM Canada

“…informative and timely…”

Women in Tax

“…insightful and practical…”

Leadership Anne Arundel

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