Named a “Crisis Leadership Expert” in The Financial Times and widely noted for his thought leadership in navigating turbulent times.

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Eric connects with audiences at workshops, live keynotes, and virtual events. Listeners leave with actionable insights, excited to take on challenges and make positive change within their organizations and communities. Here are some of his current speaking topics enjoyed by scores of audiences around the world.

Eric McNulty is a rare talent: equal parts thought leader, storyteller, and teacher. His views on leadership are breakthrough yet accessible to senior and aspiring leaders alike. If your organization is searching for an authority on leadership, bring Eric in to speak. You and your audience will be delighted with your decision.

Eric Lowitt, Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors

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Becoming Your Best Leader

What is a leader? Too many organizations conflate “leadership” with a lofty title in a hierarchy. But, when we sit down to think about it, we all know that truly influential leaders do far more than tell other people what to do (in fact, that level of direction has little to do with it).

Consider the leaders you most admire. They seem to have an insightful understanding of every facet of a problem. They exude an unshakeable passion that motivates and engages others. This extraordinary power bestows true meaning to work, well beyond transactional to-dos.

Leading is not a rank or role—it’s an attitude, purpose, and skillset  that transcends any job title. Eric will help empower you or your audience with actionable, researched-backed, and engaging insights that help build confidence in your personal leadership skills.

What listeners will take away from this presentation:

  • How to steward large teams towards meaningful success (and create an environment people will love to work in).
  • How to make decisions that consider the concerns of sometimes competing stakeholders. Generate commitment and collaboration between bosses, government officials, non-profit partners, citizens in your immediate community, and those affected by your operations halfway around the world.
  • Innovative and inspiring ways you can use every activity in your organization as an opportunity for positive change.
  • You’ll also learn to harness your individual strengths, vulnerabilities, perspectives, and personal stories to establish a personal, purposeful leadership style.
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Leading through Crisis and Change

It’s impossible to prepare for every contingency. Yet there are essential skills and techniques you can learn to face high-stakes moments with confidence.

Guiding a team or organization through crisis and change begins comfort with ambiguity. You will never know everything, yet you have to act. Effective crisis leaders build islands of certainty around core values and principles that restore calm and foster resilience amidst the chaos. Eric shows you how to navigate even the most turbulent situations so you, too, can confidently take the reins in any challenge.

“Eric is an accomplished speaker and possesses the ability to keep large groups intrigued and engaged while presenting complex materials – no small feat!”
Sidney Hoffman, FEMA

What you take away from Eric’s workshops and talks:

  • The three dimensions of the powerful meta-leadership framework and practice method that empower you to lead more intentionally and confidently.

  • How to establish a culture of trust and accountability that focus and ground both small teams and large, no matter the challenge.

  • Sometimes crises emerge from our organization’s own actions, and sometimes they’re an unexpected shock. Learn how to prepare for multiple futures, both foreseeable and difficult to discern—so you’re ready to nimbly address whatever reality unfolds.
  • Learn how to act swiftly and with courage. In this hyper-connected world, our actions are felt around the world in an instant. We just don’t have as much time to think about how to respond in a crisis.
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Leading for the Greater Good

How can you use your leadership skills to better the world around us? Meeting complex social and environmental challenges requires what Eric calls ‘Big C’ change and ‘lower-case l’ leading—people at all levels, leading from where they are and making an impact locally and globally.

Incredibly passionate and insightful about the devastating domino effects of climate change and other system-scale shifts, Eric heavily leans into these ‘wicked problems’ along with their social and environmental effects to reveal how leaders can use their talents and skills to meet challenges and find opportunities while pursuing a greater good.

“Eric gave a one-day seminar on Meta-Leadership and Conflict Resolution at UCSD. Our feedback survey was relentlessly positive scores; it is rare to see top box numbers over 95% like his are.”
David Granet, UCSD Health

What listeners will take away from this presentation:

  • How to see connections and interdependencies that can spur—or obstruct—transformational change.
  • Explore the four social trends fueling global disruption—and how to prioritize each of them in your leadership actions.

  • Expand your thinking to incorporate a systems-perspective as you develop strategies for tackling social and environmental issues.
  • See how to make the shift from a domination mindset to one of stewardship. Instead of simply serving as value extractors, organizations must become cultivators.
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Eric works with visual storyteller Heather Willems of Two Line Studios to add an extra dimension to workshops and presentations.