I’ve always had an issue with the attempts to “align” large, complex organizations. I recently explored that topic–and how to achieve both coherence and adaptive capacity on Medium: “Organizations are not Legos. Nor are they machines. They are complex, adaptive systems; dynamic entities existing in even more active contexts of markets and communities. Organizations are in a constant state of change, sometimes minor and sometimes major. This is why it is important to understand the benefits of both convergence and divergence.

Convergence, coming together, is essential for organizational cohesion. You need people to know why they are together — their purpose — and how they can achieve shared goals by working together. Convergence around values and core principles is essential.

Divergence, deviating from established norms, is essential for innovation and adaptation. As customers, competitors, and other forces are not static, the organization must evolve to remain relevant and tenable. Divergence through experimentation and individual agency is also essential.”

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