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Shorter CEO Tenures: How to Avoid the Pitfalls

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I was recently interviewed by about common leadership pitfalls resulting in shorter tenures for CEOs. The complexity of the operating environment and the multiplicity of challenges facing today's executives mean their is less and less room for error. Some of my comments: Before you reorganize the place or launch a flashy new initiative, you want to know what's working, who your allies are going to be, and who your adversaries or resistors are likely to be," McNulty explains. ...

Usefulness is the Key to Where Work Happens

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My latest for Medium looks the limits of power in getting people to return to the office. The alternative: a focus on making the best, highest use of everyone's time--and that includes when and where they are together. "Forcing employees back to the office is likely to depress engagement. For some, it decreases productivity. It encourages passive resistance and quiet quitting. Or active resistance and actual quitting. Think instead of pursuing usefulness. If you make time in the office ...

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Best Books of 2023 — My Take

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It was an honor to be asked by Shepherd Books to name the three books that I read in 2023. It was tough as I'm constantly reading. I wanted to give a varied selection, and here they are. What books resonated with you over the past year? The Covenant of Water is so brilliantly written. The Four Factors of Trust presents a useful framework backed by significant data. The Babysitter is a gripping thriller. Whatever your tastes, there's one ...

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Three Essential (and Overlooked) Skills for Crisis Leaders

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BOOM! It’s the moment when everything goes sideways. The crash. The shot. The lawsuit. The technical meltdown. In that instant, time blurs. Pressure spikes. Vision narrows. The crisis is real. Based on my years of researching and working with crisis leaders, here are three underappreciated things that the best get right and the worst, well, you get it. First, is breathe to center and calm yourself. Second, don't get sucked in. Step back to get perspective. And third, create ...