Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by Heidi Legg of The Editorial. It gave me the chance to weave together my crisis leadership work at Harvard, my Master’s work on leadership in the context of meta-system scale change (think climate change), and my budding work to build leadership capacity and capability among environmental and conservation professionals. That’s a mouthful but I find it interesting and I hope that you do, too:

For example, when I talk about communities of leaders in the environmental justice movement, there are environmentalists, and their primary concern is what we’re doing to the planet, and there are income equality and racial justice people whose primary focus has been those issues. They see overlap, and they come together and say, ‘OK, we can work together, and we can have greater impact because our issues overlap so much.’ What I keep exploring is how do you build communities of leaders who are linked by values, not necessarily issues or specific outcomes, but who are moving in the same general direction. How do they help each other? And I think you’re going to see more of that.

These are turbulent times. We need to think differently about leaders and leadership. For the big wicked problems we face, we’ll need more than a few super heroes. We’ll need the many solving for the many. I hope that my work can help move us closer to finding solutions.

Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash