There are few of the foundational thinkers about management whose work is as relevant now as it was when it was written. Peter Drucker is one of them. I often recommend his writings to my students and colleagues. It was true honor, then, to make a list of 69 scholars whose work reminds Bruce Rosenstein, editor of Leader to Leader, the magazine of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum, of this Drucker quote:

“Learning and teaching are going to be more deeply affected by the new availability of information than any other area of human life.” –– Peter Drucker, The Age of Discontinuity, 1969

I was also pleased to see friends Amy Edmondson, Bernie Jaworski, and Annie McKee on the list. I’m going to check out the work of everyone on this list. I hope that you can as well.

Photo: Photo: Jeff McNeill / CC BY-SA 2.0