It is great to be out with live audiences again. In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken at event of the American College of Healthcare Executives in Chicago, co-led a leadership workshop for Continuity Insights in Louisville, led a resilience session for senior humanitarians at an event in Dubai and, most recently, delivered the keynote at the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) conference in Marseille, France.

While travel is a bit trickier than in the past, audiences in each of these venues appreciated the human-to-human engagement that is only possible at in-person events.

My themes of leadership, resilience, and navigating a turbulent future have never been more relevant. One of the great pleasures of my speaking opportunities is that I get to meet people around the world whose work is to help organizations and communities grow stronger and better prepared for disruption. If what I share helps them become more effective, we all benefit.

Next up is teaching in-person at an executive education program at Harvard for the first time in two years. After six months of engaging with this great group of professionals, it will be a delight to meet them face-to-face.