“He brings an uncanny ability to think on his feet, frame discussions for maximum strategic value and impact, and complement that work with insightful writing and thought leadership across multiple communication channels. He’s the best at what he does, no question.”
~ Steve Soltis, founder, MAS Communications

Eric works with leaders and organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors on leadership and purpose-centered, high performance cultures.  He works with clients to achieve clarity on purpose, values, and performance (PVP) metrics as a precursor to powerful strategies and tactics. Eric starts with a “95% assumption”–that the vast majority of answers to the organization’s challenges exist internally or can be found through the efforts of the current team. His job is to ask probing questions, introduce provocative ideas, re-frame challenges, unblock feedback loops, and help create safe spaces for exploration and discovery.

Engagements range from executive retreats, strategic off-sites, team-building events, and one-on-one coaching to serving as the “loyal opposition” in senior management meetings and curating thought leadership content. Each is bespoke to best fit client needs–Eric believes in co-creating outcomes, not applying static solutions.

“Thanks so much for an engrossing, thought-provoking, and enjoyable workshop…”
~2019 Meta-leadership workshop participant

Sample Engagements:

A Day of Structured White Boarding: Eric believes that many of the answers your organization needs are already there waiting to be uncovered. He can facilitate a discovery discussion using the Walk in the Woods framework and other processes that will unblock internal creativity and surface workable solutions to the challenges you face.

Conference Content Development and Facilitation: Eric has worked with several clients to craft hard-hitting editorial programs for custom events large and small around the world. These include senior executive retreats, customer conferences, and general admission events.

Crisis Leadership Training: Leadership moments come for all of us–some planned and some utterly unexpected. Will you be ready to set direction, make decisions, and inspire action when it is needed most? The framework and practice method developed through work the of Eric and his colleagues with hundreds of leaders in high stakes situations will help participants develop both their leadership capacity and capability. Eric can conduct custom crisis leadership training in half-day, full-day, and multi-day formats.

Custom Case Study Discussion: For one client, Eric crafted a corporate narrative and case study that captured their turnaround efforts and served as a springboard for their next generation growth initiatives. For another, he crafted a case based on a negative crisis response to be used to prepare executives for future events.

Custom Reporting: Eric can attend conferences or other events and write a synopsis that captures key themes, audience feedback, as well as insights on presentations by suppliers, customers, or competitors. He brings objectivity not possible from employees. This reporting can be combined with secondary research to create a concise, highly focused news stream. It is particularly useful and cost-effective if your organization is looking at the potential of new areas, such as smart cities or social innovation.

For many assignments Eric works alone to offer the benefits of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. He can also assemble a high-impact team using a network of seasoned professionals across a wide range of specialties from branding to sustainability.

Organizations Eric has worked with over the years on thought leadership strategy, content development, facilitation, and other strategies include: Accenture BeDo,  the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, the Coca-Cola Company, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Executive Council of New York, Harvard Business Publishing, IBM, Infiniti Motor Company, the International Institute for Analytics, Nuance, Premier Farnell, UPS, and others.

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