3-critical-coverMy latest e-book from O’Reilly Media is now available. It expands on my widely read post for strategy+business examining three mental shifts that leaders must make in order to cope with contemporary organizations and situations. The three shifts are:

  • Moving from linearity to complexity: We live in a complex world and you must adjust your mindset accordingly;
  • Thinking of focus as a verb, not a noun: Effective leaders are always trying to achieve and maintain clarity around purpose, values, and performance measures amidst changing internal and external conditions;
  • Making the jump from “they” to “you”: This isn’t an ego-centric leap into self-centered leadership. Rather it is embracing that you have to own your own leader development. You must move beyond generic organizational definitions of leadership competencies and instead become proficient in the distinct set of leader behaviors and practices best suited to you and your situation.

Download the book and let me know your thoughts.