Named a “Crisis Leadership Expert” in The Financial Times and widely noted for his thought leadership in navigating turbulent times.

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Eric delivers inspiring keynotes, presents engaging webinars, leads engaging case discussions, and delivers in-depth leadership development workshops. He currently teaches in executive education programs at Harvard, M.I.T., and other institutions. He has delivered keynotes at major conferences and workshops for leading companies. No matter the content or venue, his goal can be summed up in three “i”s: interaction, insight, and impact. It is all about dialogue, not monologue.

Eric is represented for speaking by Big Speak and Monaco Associates.

Thanks so much for your presentation- it was so well received and a great start to our content. We enjoyed working with you and we are very pleased you could join us. [One CEO attendee] made a particular effort to tell me your material was exactly on point for him.

Conference organizers of one keynote presentation

Just wanted to thank you again for sharing your perspective and wisdom with us. You did a beautiful job making it relatable

2020 webinar participant.

Current Topics

  • You’re It! How to Lead When it Matters Most: Based on his recent bookYou’re It: Crisis Change, and How to Lead When it Matters Most. Leadership moments come for all of us–some planned and some utterly unexpected. Will you be ready to set direction, make decisions, and inspire action when it is needed most? Eric uses the dimensions of meta-leadership developed through work with hundreds of leaders in high stakes situations to help participants develop both their leadership capacity and capability. Key ideas: meta-leadership, crisis leadership, professional development.

  • Leading in Turbulent Times: Coping with COVID19 and Beyond. These are challenging times for leaders. Eric explains what makes leading through crisis is different in both its challenges and opportunities. He shares common leadership traps and how to avoid them. Eric offers practical guidance to leaders for making sense of and increasing impact in an uncertain world. Key ideas: leadership, resilience, crisis, cities, purpose, values, agility.

  • ARTful Leadership: Adaptive Capacity, Resilience, and Trust: In the age of networks, the ability to adapt and transform is paramount. Drawing up his extensive research on the extraordinary collaboration and cooperation in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings as well as the latest research on swarm intelligence, psychological safety, teaming, and trust building, Eric presents a powerful and pragmatic framework for building highly adaptive, resilient, and trustworthy organizations.

Eric speaks on an innovation in
disaster panel at the White House.

His ability to synthesize research with real world experience and present concepts in a holistic manner is unrivaled. He engages the audience in a way that galvanizes concepts so that they are easily recognized and implemented during times of crisis. Eric is an exceptional speaker, teacher and facilitator.

G. Solecki, Vice President, International Association of Emergency Managers/Canada

Eric has spoken at conferences and other events for organizations such as:

Accenture, the Arthur Page Society, Clean Gulf, Coca-Cola, Columbia Business School, the Executive Council of New York, Harvard Business School Publishing, HMG Strategy, IBM, International Association of Emergency Managers (US and Canada), Microsoft, Nuance, Oil Spill Response Group, O’Reilly Media, Premier Farnell, Ricoh, SAS, Schlumberger, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), UPS, Virtuoso, and others.

Eric McNulty is a rare talent: equal parts visionary, story teller, thought leader, and teacher. His views on leadership are breakthrough yet accessible to senior executives and aspiring leaders alike. But what truly sets Eric apart is his ability to communicate as a speaker. If your organization is searching for an authority on the topic of leadership, then you must bring Eric in to speak. You and your audience will be delighted with your decision.

E. Lowitt, CEO, Nexus Global Advisors

Eric works with visual storyteller Heather Willems of Two Line Studios to add an extra dimension to workshops and presentations.